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Headline News (Last Month Only)

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January 19, 2018, Major New Release from Vance Major Owen, (Live action, adult fans, costumes, props), "Persona,"   To view Vance Major Owen's prior releases see

January 18, 2018New Release, STAR CATS, Two Stupid Cats, Ep. 19, Funny Cat Video.  (5:17).  Due to foul language, See (I) at for the link.  For more Star Trek Comedy and Parody, see that same link and also

January 17, 2018New Release from Alvision100, USS Voyager (Fan Made Alternative Timeline).  For more films made with CGI only, including more Alvision100 films, see

January 16, 2018, New Release from Caution: May Contain Nuts (Professional Canadian Native American Comedy Team), "Space Trek: The Bored,"  For previous Star Trek parodies from Caution: May Contain Nuts and other professional producers of Star Trek Comedy, Parody, and Tributes, see

January 15, 2018,  Recent Release from Ever Trek formerly The Elokomin Chronicles,
Who Are You? (10:55).  I had some issues with the sound, but this appears to be intended as a final release.  For more about Ever Trek formerly The Elokomin Chronicles, see

January 14, 2018, FindTrek Wars (2:05).  For more films about Trekkies, Trekkers, and General Fandom, see

January 13, 2018,  FindStar Wars v. Star Trek (Animation, comparison of symbols) (1:05).  For more Franchise Crossover films, see

January 12, 2018New Release from Vance Major Owen, (Live action, adult fans, costumes, props), "Gemini,"  To view Vance Major Owen's prior releases see

January 11, 2018,  Recent ReleaseStar Trek Fan Film 1987   For more assorted Short Films, see

January 10, 2018New ReleaseStar Wars v. Star Trek Trailer -- Fan Made -- recut, mash-up.  For more Franchise Crossover films, see

January 9, 2018,  New ReleaseThe USS Millennium Falcon - A Star Wars/Star Trek Fan Film,  Sets, Costumes, CGI, green screens, adult fans. (3:49).  For more franchise crossover fan films see  For more select school and church projects see

January 6, 2018,   New ReleaseBlack Mirror, a spoof of a Pro Star Trek spoof, but this is Mego, made with TOS dolls.  For more Fan-Made Star Trek Comedies and Parodies, see

January 5, 2018, New Release from Vance Major Owen, (Live action, adult fans, costumes, props), "Without Reward,"  To view Vance Major Owen's prior releases see

January 4, 2018, Major New Release from Starship Mojave, 3D Animation, Animated Episode 6, "Sanctuary,"  For all of Starship Mojave's prior films which are still available for viewing, see

January 3, 2018New ReleaseStar Trek: Infinity, Intro, from Alvision100, a trailer for an imaginary Star Trek TV series.  For more intro trailers for proposed Star Trek shows and movies which were never made, see  The filmmaker also made other films with CGI spaceships only, including the well-received Chasing the Infinite Sky.  For more films made with spaceships only, see

January 2, 2018, New Release from Matt Kravchuk of the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, a realistic film about an encounter involving a child who is a Trek fan and an adult down on his luck who is at least familiar with Star Trek, "Live Long and Prosper,"  For more Star Trek based School or Church projects, see  For more films about Trek fans, see

January 1, 2018, New Release and Major Find from MrBonk85, (Live Action, Golden Age, special effects-based short comedies).  New ReleaseStar Trek Spoofs, "Spector of the Gun Stunt Doubles," December 31, 2017).  Earlier Star Trek Spoof shorts released (in order of release) include:
(1) August 7, 2012, "Star Trek Transporter Afer Effects" or "Star Trek Spoof: The Clone Ship,"
(2) September 21, 2012  "Star Trek Spoof 2: The Clone Ship."  For more information about MrBonk85, see
(3) June 30, 2017, Star Trek Transporter Malfunction:
For everything we have about MrBonk85's Star Trek Fan Films, see

December 31, 2017, Major New Release from new Fan Film group, (Mixed timeline and time periods, live action with young adult fans, rudimentary costumes and sets, props, CGI, animation), "Star Trek: The Mirror Frontier,"  Its permanent home will be at

December 30, 2017, Major New Release from The Federation Files, (Golden Age, live action, adult fans, sets, costumes, props), "Extraction," ( For The Federation Files previous live-action films, see  For The Federation Files previous animated films, see

December 29, 2017Find,  Fit for Duty  A member of Star Fleet is upset by facing ongoing dangers and wants to go home.  The therapist drugs him to keep him working. For more short films, see

December 28, 2017,  Find,   Tan Ru.  Animation.  Robot defeats the Doomsday Machine, only to meet another robot (Nomad) in the end.  For more short films, see

December 27, 2017, New Release from Starship Excelsior,  Season 5 Episode 2, "Relief Operation DIV-1096", minutes.)  (Episodes are also listed in reverse order here:   For links to over four dozen Fan-made Star Trek Audio series, see

December 26, 2017New Release and FindsStar Trip, Golden Age video (partial videos of live stage performances): At the Pocket Sandwich Theater in Dallas, Tx. Golden Age.

Robin Hood on the Road to Sherwood Invaded by Star Trek TOS:
Star Trip: A Tale of Two Captains:  Posted 2013, filmed 2010.
  Bridge of the Compromise:
  The Klingies:
Star Trip (filmed August 19, 2017, posted December 25, 2017): (5:14)
New Release:
Star Trip (filmed August 19, 2017, posted December 25, 2017): (5:14)

For more Filmed or Videoed Star Trek for Live Stage Performance see

December 25, 2017, Major Find, and a Recent ReleaseQuark's Space Station. (Adult fans use a mixture of live action shots, assorted toys and costumes, some footage from DS9, and an assortment of other things to create a series about a space station established at the end of the Dominion War in the neutral zone, run by Quark. Silver Age).
Major Find:

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Recent Release:

Episode 4

To see the permanent home of Quark's Space Station, see

December 23, 2017, Find, although it self-describes as a parody, I'm not sure it is.  I've placed it there for now, anyway. (costumes, props, adult fans, location shoots), Star Trek: Return of the Cytrons  For more short Star Trek comedies and parodies, see

December 22, 2017, Two Finds with Seth MacFarlane,
1) Part of a Teenage Fan Film based on TOS,  For more short films by teenagers, see
2) Outtakes on Adult Swim  For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

A new page has been set out for all types of Guidance for Fan Filmmakers, here;  This includes both links about the new CBS Guidelines and previous materials that had been at Blog 249.

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I created my own similar tracking page: change log.  They appear to track only the changes in this top log.

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